Learning is a powerful tool. What we do with learning matters most.

I love to learn new things and then break down those ideas to make them actionable for a purpose.

I'm a husband,father,sales leader,songwriter,and story teller. This site hosts all of my writing on being a parent/dad, music,leadership,and more...And if you're a curious person, you should definitely join the 400+ other people on my newsletter, "Learning in Action." It’s one email a month with everything interesting I’ve read,found or experienced.

I’ve Been in Professional Sales for 20 Years and Never Sold Anything 

When I graduated from college, my first job was working with a technology company for converting paper to digital images. We would provide scanners and customize the software for companies who were entering the digital world and help with their paper workflow. 

A colleague, at the time, took me under his wing to show me "how it was done." I was grateful and quite honestly needed the help. 

In our first meeting, the client stated they had high volume paper output and they needed a workflow solution to help…

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2015 Crazy Water Festival 

The Crazy Water Festival in Mineral Wells, Texas keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.  This year was no exception.  One of my favorite things about Texas are small-town communities.  When you see a community working together, towards a common purpose, and being successful at it, it's a beautiful thing.  This is exactly what Mineral Wells did this year.

A ton of activities and other musicians played this year.  I wish I had time to catch every act.  As a music fan it's tough to miss live performances…

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106.9 The Ranch RoadHouse - Rockstar Acoustic 

Hell of a time last night with on Jim's Nash's Ranch Roadhouse with 106.9 The Ranch.  I swapped acoustic songs with James Dunning and Jimmy Baldwin and it was one for the memory books.  Very blessed to be part of this great music scene. I was able to play all six songs off my latest EP, True Story.
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True Story EP is Officially Released Today 

Earlier this year I did something that was much harder than I ever fathomed.  I asked for help.  

When I started the PledgeMusic campaign I had no idea how it was going to be received.  The most powerful thing I learned from that experience is that there was much more support for my art than I ever realized. I was able to fund this EP 100% because of the pledges you made. The amount of gratitude I have for everyone who pledged their support to this EP is hard to express in words but I'll try.

Thank YOU!
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