With the release of his second music project, True Story (August , 2015), Stan Crawford is bringing a refreshing sophistication back to country music. Insightful, Indie-intelligent lyrics coupled with hard-core classic country chords define Crawford’s sound. His deep, soulful voice is reminiscent of country music legends from the past. These trademarks give him a wide fan-base ranging from collegiate, Texas-country followers to mature traditional country music aficionados. 

Crawford’s background provided all of the necessities a major Texas country artist needs for inspiration. Growing up in a big family on a commercial chicken and peach farm and living in a small Texas town gave Crawford the realistic depth that emanates from his True Story lyrics. Couple this with his College Station education and Crawford’s laid-back, beer-drinking stage presence is naturally perfected. 

After years of captivating his crowd with only his strong vocals and acoustic guitar, Crawford knows how to make simple sound damn good. His classically uncomplicated sound gets only better on True Story his second independent release. On this EP Crawford is accompanied by an experienced band and backed by co-producer James Dunning, lead man for the band Lost Immigrants, and recorded /engineered with Earl Clark of Studio Fifty-Five. Clark played in Nashville for over two decades, has played pedal steel and recorded with Brad Paisley, Mark Chesnutt, Dotty West, Moe Bandy, and Joe Stampley. 

Clark refers to Crawford as, “The consummate tone poet, Stan brings to the studio a clear sense of the musical journey he wishes to take you on. With a keen sense of emotion and vocal ability, he is blessed with the aptitude to make his compositions incredibly believable.” Of Crawford’s music, Clark comments that, “For me, it’s been extremely refreshing to have someone like Stan come in armed with a wide-ranging arsenal of musical poems which have you chuckling to yourself one minute and a moment later plunge you into deep introspect.  Clearly Crawford has struck the same chord with Clark as he previously did with his faithful fans.

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