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What Do You Believe?

In my journey to earn an MBA one of the requirements is to take an ethics course.  Little did I know this seemingly mandatory course would turn out to be one of my favorites.

The first takeaway was…

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Crazy Water Festival

The Crazy Water Festival in Mineral Wells, Texas keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.  This year was no exception.  One of my favorite things about Texas are small-town communities.  When you see a community working together, towards a common…

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106.9 The Ranch RoadHouse - Rockstar Acoustic

Hell of a time last night with on Jim's Nash's Ranch Roadhouse with 106.9 The Ranch.  I swapped acoustic songs with James Dunning and Jimmy Baldwin and it was one for the memory books.  Very blessed to be part of…Read more

True Story EP is Officially Released Today

Earlier this year I did something that was much harder than I ever fathomed.  I asked for help.  

When I started the PledgeMusic campaign I had no idea how it was going to be received.  The most powerful thing I…Read more

Newsletter: April 8, 2015

Live at Outlaws and Legends

I played at Outlaws and Legends Music Festival recently in Abilene, Texas.  This year was the third year the’ve had me back and it’s one of the best festivals I've been to. My… Read more

More please

Great day of music so far. Just heard No Dry County (fantastic new album), Walt Wilkins and...

It Won't Write Itself

How the hell do artists of any kind find time to update facebook, twitter, tumblr blog, website, newsletter, new songs, new music, instrument rehearsal, etc.  It won't write itself, I've tried.

It's a daily struggle with me.  I write songs…Read more

Lost Immigrants Kickstarter Campaign

My good buddy James Dunning from the band Lost Immigrants is hosting a Kickstarter project to record a live record. "This time around, Lost Immigrants is recording at the historic White Elephant Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The venue…Read more

Happy SnowMas

I woke up early this morning to find this scene in my neighborhood.  From the quick research I've done it’s apparently called "snow."  

It’s an odd feeling.  There are a lot of people who deal with snow most of the…Read more

It's official: Pre-Order my new EP True Story

It's seemed like today was never going to happen.  Working an awesome full time job keeps me busy enough.  Add amazing husband (yeah, I said it), songwriting, band rehearsal, Facebook, Twitter, my website, organizing the music for the EP and…Read more

New Drummer Joins the Band: Jacob Adlis

I'm happy to announce that Jacob Adlis has joined the band. Jacob controls the heart beat of the music and is damn talented. He's one of the smartest guys I know and it doesn't hurt one but that we're related.  … Read more

What I caught in 2014 and new Music in 2015

Happy New Year music family.  2014 was absolutely fantastic.  When I caught this 16lb catfish on a rod & reel I was pretty excited.  

Then in November I officially caught this!

I’m also officially announcing that I will be releasing…Read more

Throwback Thursday - Nepal

In 2010 my dad, myself and two of my brothers went to India and then Nepal.  One of the highlights was spending a few days in Nagarkot.  It's located in the mountains of Nepal.  One morning I took a lonesome…Read more