Daily Drive: Music In My Car

There are days it feels like I never leave my vehicle. The good news is that smart phones can do all sorts of cool things with music and that makes a happy man.

I'm currently listening to the following and can't get enough:
1) The Head and The Heart: This trio sings my face off. Their songwriting is fantastic and I'm a huge fan.

2) Ben Howard: I don't like all of this songs per say but Old Pine was on repeat for a full 2 hours a few days ago. Oddly enough my girlfriend heard the track on "So you think you can dance" and told me about it.  Yeah, I'm secure enough to admit that...sorta...

3) Alabama Shakes: I'm convinced that because this is the first band in my alphabetized playlist I play them out of pure laziness. Thank goodness their music is amazing.

4) Lost Immigrants: James Dunning writes and co-writes some great stuff. Judgement day is one of their older songs but it is still one of my favorites and I've been stared at more than once singing my guts out at a stop light.

5) Alejandro Escovedo: He has a song called As I fall. Holy crap. If you have not heard this you should.

If you have a special playlist or an artist you like to listen to during your daily drive, drop a comment below and share your experience.

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