Help Wanted

It’s been a lot of fun playing acoustic shows and song swaps with fellow songwriters.  There is something about the acoustic guitar that I find a lot of peace with.  The acoustic guitar has become my stress reliever and creative outlet all in one.  I’m positive it drives my fiancé a bit crazy when I play the same song I’m working on over and over.  She lovingly takes it in stride and I lovingly shut it off after a few hours.  It’s part of keeping the balance. Oh, my point.  Help Wanted.
I’m so stinkin ready to start playing full band shows again.  I’m on the look out for a bass and lead guitar player.  To be in the band there are a few easy but mandatory qualifications.
  1. You gotta love to play
  2. You gotta love to play
I’m serious about number one.  We’re playing mostly North, Texas and a few surrounding areas on the weekend.  If you know someone or are an ace of bass (90’s reference) or lead guitar, get ahold of me and let’s talk.

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