It Won't Write Itself

How the hell do artists of any kind find time to update facebook, twitter, tumblr blog, website, newsletter, new songs, new music, instrument rehearsal, etc.  It won't write itself, I've tried.

It's a daily struggle with me.  I write songs and play guitar early in the mornings and after work.  I've got a good routine going and it's great balance for Kelly and I but th
ere's not much time for anything else, let alone updating social networks.  I've been thinking about what matters most to me in this niche of the world I inhabit.  In this world, my wife, day job, music and songwriting matter most.  All the other stuff (social networks) comes second.  I do my best to update social sites. when I post a blog or have a show. but I really need to narrow down what social network I want to primarily use.  It's amazing & ridiculous what's available out there.  Part of me wants to dream and think "I can just post updates on my website and the true fans will find me."  After that thought, I wake up. I might as well say "someday I'll be discovered."  In order for anything to happen, I have to be in the way of something else. At least that's what I'm told. I don't buy it.   Social networking is all the "current" rage.  If I don't have any songs to share with the world, what's the point of social updating?  That's the rub.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 
― Neale Donald Walsch

I've got a social network to update and a song to write. God I love this.


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