Jon Hogan and Scorch Folk Music

Jon Hogan plays what he calls Scorch Folk music. Jon describes it as "Well-made original songs and a blistering, rollicking take on 1930s rural America."  He takes a lot of inspiration from the 1927 - 1935 era of music and produces a great unique sound.  I've always been big fan if his. Jon and I first met when I lived in Houston. He even crashed on my couch a few times. I was living in an open space, loft style, metal building that happened to be located next to the Last Concert Cafe.  This place was something special.

The Last Concert Cafe attracted hippies, cowboys, fire twirlers, hula hoops and damn good music. They never judged anyone there. It was a true "be yourself" space to have fun in. I was just beginning to play music full time and I walked over to watch Jon play, a lot. I attribute a lot of what I do on stage today from watching him perform.  He captures the crowd every time and his music was the complete opposite of mainstream. The best part is that Jon is being genuine. He's as unique as the music he plays.

Take a listen and try to see him live sometime.  He and his band have become frequent performers at the Kerrville Music Festival.


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