Love of the Music

Last Saturday I had the privilege to play at a Wounded Warrior Project BBQ in Killeen, Texas.  It reminded me once again how much I love playing music. Guardian Roof Systems sponsored it.  They’re a cool company that volunteered their time and money to make this event happen.  I’m always amazed at the efforts of others to help one another. 

It was a beautiful day.  The cloud cover was perfect and a decent crowd moved in and out as the day moved forward.  The event was held in a parking lot and I got there just in time to setup the PA system and start playing.  It was around 3pm and the once larger crowd had started to thin a bit.  It's sometimes easy to let the ego take over and ask, “Where is everybody going?”  In truth, they had no idea who I was or what type of music I play. 
It was a great reminder. It’s not the size of the venue or crowd, facebook likes or twitter followers. It’s the Love of the Music and playing to those, sometimes few, who love the music just as much and sharing those brief moments together.  This photo was captured on Saturday and it fit perfectly.


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