Throwback Thursday - Nepal

In 2010 my dad, myself and two of my brothers went to India and then Nepal.  One of the highlights was spending a few days in Nagarkot.  It's located in the mountains of Nepal.  One morning I took a lonesome hike.  I hiked about three miles up a steep hill to get a view of Mt Everest.  Once I reached the top I realized that I was not alone.  There were a few other kids hanging around listening to Lisa Lobe and playing guitar.  Yeah.  Here I am, on the top of the world, in another country, trying to grasp how I fit in this crazy puzzle of life and all I hear is "You say, I only hear what I want to..."  It made me laugh so hard one of the local kids asked me if I was okay.

It turns out the locals are big fans of music.  Any music really.  They even had their own original songs to share.  We all started talking music and it was about to get dark.  They offered to bring me down the hill on their motorcycles and I said "hell yes!"   Once we arrived at the hotel they said, "we will be back at 10am tomorrow to pick you up.  Let's rock!"

At 10am sharp the next day they show up with five motorcycles, seven people and one guitar.  My two brothers and I each hop on the back of a Motorcycle and have one of the scariest and best motorcycle rides we've ever been apart of.  This video captures how music can bring people and stories together.  Thanks Nepal.

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