2015 Crazy Water Festival

The Crazy Water Festival in Mineral Wells, Texas keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.  This year was no exception.  One of my favorite things about Texas are small-town communities.  When you see a community working together, towards a common purpose, and being successful at it, it's a beautiful thing.  This is exactly what Mineral Wells did this year.

A ton of activities and other musicians played this year.  I wish I had time to catch every act.  As a music fan it's tough to miss live performances. Here is a quick take of our day.

I had the pleaser of playing twice at the festival.  James Dunning of Lost Immigrants and I realized that our acoustic sets were going to be back to back.  We decided to combine our sets for two hours of original music (plus or minus a few cover songs).

James Dunning & Myself
Jacob just got a Cajon (fancy word for acoustic drum) and tried it out live for the first time.  Well played Jacob, well played.
Jacob Adlis (Cajon)
After our acoustic set I headed over to the main stage to get setup for my full band performance.  

Jacob Adlis (drums), Adam Hull (lead guitar), Robert Pittman (bass)

Adam Hull (Lead), Jacob Adlis (drums), Robert Pittman (bass)

It was great seeing the fans, friends and family at this years Crazy Water Festival.  Thank you for all the support Mineral Wells!!!


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