It's official: Pre-Order my new EP True Story

It's seemed like today was never going to happen.  Working an awesome full time job keeps me busy enough.  Add amazing husband (yeah, I said it), songwriting, band rehearsal, Facebook, Twitter, my website, organizing the music for the EP and getting the pledge music pre-launch done during the evenings and weekends means it’s time to celebrate.  When I first started to allow myself to be vulnerable to the public with my music I would get overwhelmed all the time.  It was to the point that I almost fell out of love with music.  It scared the hell outta me.  I some how convoluted business, mortgage, groceries and band members and started to blame music.  Talk about an ego right?   

Ego is a lot of what this six song EP is about.  The songs on this EP are about doing the right thing, falling out of love, being in love, growing as a person and being your best self. My wife has showed me how to respect what I'm passionate about without allowing myself to get overwhelmed (most of the time).  I can honestly say I never had that trait before I met her. 
Today I'm announcing the launch of my campaign with PledgeMusic to offer behind the scenes updates and VIP exclusives during the making of my new six song EP "True Story.  There’s no management company. No record label. Just me and you. Thank you for pledging to this project and my art. 

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